3 reasons virtualization is the future of IT

Do you want to be a competitive IT professional? Virtualization and cloud computing are the technologies of today and tomorrow.

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Virtualization is a technology that allows you to run operating systems and applications in a virtual environment. This offers a number of advantages, such as flexibility, efficiency, and security.

In recent years, virtualization has become increasingly popular in the IT job market. This is because virtualization is the foundation of cloud computing, a trend that is revolutionizing the way businesses use technology.

Virtualization and cloud computing are two technologies that are transforming the way businesses use technology. These technologies offer a range of benefits, such as flexibility, efficiency, security, and cost savings.

According to Gartner’s «Top 10 Emerging Trends in IT» report in octuber 2023, the top 5 trends where virtualization and cloud computing appear are as follows:

Edge computing: Edge computing is a trend that involves bringing data processing and storage to the edge of the network, which can improve performance, security, and efficiency. Virtualization and cloud computing play an important role in edge computing, as they allow businesses to deploy and manage applications and services flexibly and efficiently at the edge of the network.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML): AI and ML are technologies that are revolutionizing a wide range of industries. Virtualization and cloud computing offer a scalable and efficient platform for the development and deployment of AI and ML applications.

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is a network of connected devices that collect and transmit data. Virtualization and cloud computing can help businesses collect, store, and analyze IoT data efficiently and securely.

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses. Virtualization and cloud computing can help businesses improve their security by providing an additional layer of protection for their systems and data.

Hybrid work: Hybrid work is a trend that involves employees working from home, the office, or a combination of both. Virtualization and cloud computing can help businesses make hybrid work easier by providing employees with access to the resources and applications they need, regardless of their location.

These trends demonstrate that virtualization and cloud computing are key technologies that will continue to be important in the years to come. Professionals who have the skills and experience necessary in these technologies will be well positioned to find work and advance their careers.

3 Reasons to get into virtualization:

Growing demand:

The demand for virtualization professionals is growing rapidly. According to a study by Gartner, the demand for virtualization professionals will increase by 27% in the next five years.

This is because more and more businesses are adopting virtualization to improve their IT infrastructure.

Competitive salaries:

Virtualization professionals typically earn competitive salaries. According to a study by Indeed, virtualization professionals in Spain earn an average salary of €35,000 per year.

Opportunities for growth:

Virtualization is a constantly evolving technology. This offers virtualization professionals opportunities for growth and professional development.


Virtualization is a technology that offers a number of advantages for businesses and IT professionals. IT professionals and students who want to be at the forefront of the IT job market should consider getting into virtualization.

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