Why I want to be a vExpert again in 2024?

If it has opened doors for me, I have no doubt that you can open them too.

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Let’s start with a brief definition of the VMware vExpert award and recognition.

VMware vExpert is a program that recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the VMware community. vExperts are awarded for their technical expertise, community involvement, and commitment to VMware.

Of the many tangible and intangible benefits that the world’s market-leading virtualization factory grants to vExperts, I only mention three (3):

Recognition and credibility: Being a vExpert is a sign of your technical expertise and commitment to VMware. It can help you to build your reputation and credibility in the IT community.

Access to resources: vExperts have access to a variety of resources, including training, certification, and networking opportunities.

Opportunities to learn and grow: vExperts are encouraged to participate in VMware events and activities, which can help them to learn and grow their skills.

My personal impact

After holding the first online event for colleagues to learn about vSphere from excellent professionals in the virtualization industry with VMware in 2019, I was allowed to be a vExpert 2020.

Some of the benefits that I have had since then and that have motivated me to continue working year after year to be part of this prestigious recognition, are the following:

Improve my technical skills: By participating in VMware events and activities, I have learned about the latest VMware technologies and best practices.

Build my network: I have met many other vExperts from all over the world, which has helped me to expand my network and collaborate with other professionals.

Advance my career: The recognition and credibility that I have gained as a vExpert has helped me to advance my career and land new opportunities.

In what ways do I contribute to the online community for VMware technology education?

Through my blog, where I write weekly about vSphere, cloud, virtualization, vSAN and more.

I also have a YouTube channel specialized in informing those interested about the detailed benefits of belonging to this community and family.

Below is the official VMware vExpert page so you can get more information:



I am committed to continuing to contribute to the VMware community and I am excited to apply for the vExpert program again in 2024. I believe that the program is a valuable asset for any IT professional who is passionate about VMware and wants to make a difference in the IT community.

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